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We get this question asked every day. What happens if I change my hair color?

If you are a chameleon like my friend Tara, a woman specie that comes in a range of colors, and and has the ability and desire to change hair colors like most of us women. We have the answer to your Permanent make up eyebrow color. 

My friend Tara in the last 2 years has gone from Blonde to Bright Red and today the last time I saw her this week end to a caramel hair color. When she was deciding to do her Permanent Eyebrows and Eyeliner we talked about this in detail. I chose a color that was a neutral light/med brown with some warmth. It has done very well with all the hair color changes she has made. Even if she wants to be a platinum blonde the eyebrow color will do well with all her future hair color choices.

Permanent eyebrow make up can always have a soft pencil color applied over the eyebrows for a change. You have the base design and color which  you can add a light auburn, golden brown or any color over the permanent make up for a more dramatic color or shape for the evening or day wear. The great thing is… IF your pencil rubs off you still have that wonderful eyebrow color there permanently.

Yes, you do have to touch up the eyebrow color every few years if it is a light color and every 3-5 years if it is a darker color. Like any tattoo or permanent make up it does fade with time, washing, sun and exfoliation that our skin does each day and will lighten the eyebrow color.

Permanent Eyebrows and Hair Color Changes